President’s word – January 2020

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President's word


January 17, 2020

Word from the President

We are entering a new year proud of what we have accomplished and confident that together we will achieve bold new goals.

PREVDEQ has undoubtedly become the benchmark in the field of water damage prevention in Quebec. We are now being asked to share it with stakeholders in this growing industry across the rest of Canada.

Ontario companies have indeed informed us of their desire to join PREVDEQ. We then suggested that they found their own association with our support, while allowing them to benefit from all the tools that, among those that we have created and put in place, can be used in this province.

So that’s exactly what they did. The Water Damage Prevention Association of Ontario (WDPAO) was born very recently, thanks to the collaboration of members of our board of directors who have a pan-Canadian presence.

A movement is already underway to repeat the process in British Columbia and elsewhere in Canada.


Work to create the Water Damage Prevention Association of Canada (PREVCAN) has indeed started.

The proposed mission of PREVCAN is as follows:

  • Facilitate the creation of provincial associations whose mission will be to bring together all stakeholders interested in reducing the risks associated with water damage;
  • Establish certification standards for companies specializing in the manufacture and installation of

    solutions offered to the public to reduce the risks caused by water in buildings;

  • Bringing the field of water damage prevention to the target audience throughout

    from Canada.

Independent product certification laboratory

An independent laboratory will evaluate the products of manufacturers wishing to join PREVDEQ or other provincial associations that will meet under the new PREVCAN banner. In doing so, we want to ensure that certain quality criteria are met by the products offered to consumers by members of PREVDEQ and other provincial associations, such as WDPAO.

This approach has been very favorably received by some damage insurers as well as by associations bringing together potential users of water damage prevention systems.

Recruitment campaign

We will continue our recruitment efforts among installers, partners, manufacturers and insurers in order to ensure the growth of PREVDEQ. We will try to broaden our membership base to include companies touching all areas of water damage prevention: roofing, caulking, fenestration, building envelopes, architects, engineers, building contractors and more.

We ask each of our members to make an effort to recruit companies with which they collaborate and which might have an interest in joining us. This will allow PREVDEQ to continue to grow and increase its influence in the field.


Our training committee headed by Solange Lamoureux did a remarkable job in collaboration with Antoine Beaulieu, director of the APCHQ training department, and his team. Together, they initiated the process that will allow the APCHQ to create training courses aimed at damage insurance brokers, companies specializing in the supply and installation of products intended for the prevention of water damage, the public and to anyone interested in the field.

A training synopsis has already been developed. Mr. Beaulieu is trying to obtain at least $ 100,000 to finance the development of this training which, in particular, will allow damage insurance brokers to accumulate continuing education units.

It is expected that the economic benefits of this training will be shared between PREVDEQ and APCHQ. This financial contribution, which could prove to be very important, will allow us to undertake new development programs for our association.

New requirement for installer members

During the creation of the strategic alliance with APCHQ, it was agreed that all installation members of PREVDEQ would also be called upon to become members of APCHQ.

The alliance was officially announced in June 2019, and it was agreed that the installers of PREVDEQ would be given ample time to join APCHQ.

Our installer members will also benefit from visibility in all APCHQ communication tools (which was offered to us free of charge) as well as all the advantages offered to members of this association (see ).

It is important to mention that the APCHQ contribution includes the deposit required by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec ($ 20,000 for a specialized contractor and $ 40,000 for a general contractor), which means that the real Membership cost comes to just over $ 100 per year alone.

If you are not yet a member of APCHQ, we suggest that you do so when your bond expires. All our installer members (current and new) must have joined APCHQ no later than December 31, 2020.

Your new board of directors

I take this opportunity to congratulate the board members, new and old, who were elected at our annual general meeting on November 29, 2019. On behalf of all our members, I would like to thank them for their commitment and contribution, which obviously help PREVDEQ progress.

We have taken great strides since the creation of PREVDEQ, and the best is yet to come. We have important challenges ahead of us and I have no doubts that together we will be able to meet them brilliantly.


Thank you all for your precious collaboration.

The President,

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Gilles Fréchette

8-211, blv. Brien, office 110,

Repentigny (Québec), J6A 0A4