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President message

President’s message – 2022

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March 18, 2022

President’s message

Over the past four years, PREVDEQ has worked diligently to implement various processes to ensure quality products and services are accessible to those looking to purchase a water damage prevention system.

In collaboration with Canadian insurance companies, we have set minimum requirements for system manufacturers and commissioned an independent testing laboratory, the Centre d’innovation en microélectronique du Québec (CIMEQ), to certify that the systems offered by our manufacturer members meet these requirements.

We have also set requirements for our installer members, including the need to hold the permits required under their respective areas of operation, as well as a minimum of $2,000,000 in liability insurance.

Minimum requirements for a certified installation have also been established to provide the buying public with maximum protection against damages caused by water leaks.

In carrying out this work, we believe we have helped significantly reduce the risk of water damage claims to our insurer members.

In addition, these insurers are no longer responsible for testing, evaluating and approving systems, installers and minimum system installation requirements.

Through thousands of installations, we have also been able to clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of the systems installed by our members.

Finally, we have set up a round table that has allowed us to have discussions with our insurer members. In a first 90-minute meeting held on March 4, 2022, we explored a number of areas in which they can help our association run smoothly. Insurance representatives who attended that meeting took the opportunity to congratulate PREVDEQ for the professionalism it has shown in all its projects to date and for the progress it has been able to achieve since its creation in 2017.

Through active participation from all our members, we will continue our good work and take on new challenges in the coming year. We ask all members to participate in our recruitment efforts to strengthen our foundation and achieve our goal of reducing the risk of water damage and ensuring the public’s access to professional, reliable products and services for fighting this issue.

I want to thank everyone who has been involved in making PREVDEQ an industry leader in Quebec.
Everyone’s effort counts!


signature gilles fréchette

Gilles Fréchette

8-211, blv. Brien, office 110, Repentigny (Québec), J6A 0A4,


PREVDEQ / APCHQ-MM Alliance: mission accomplished!

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PREVDEQ / APCHQ-MM Alliance: mission accomplished!


Montreal, October 3, 2019 – After several months of exchanges and discussions, it has finally materialized: the Association for the prevention of water damage in Quebec (PREVDEQ) has entered into a strategic alliance with the Association construction and housing professionals from Quebec, Metropolitan Montreal region (APCHQ – MM).

The two associations will now work together to achieve three major objectives. “The prevention of water damage in single-family residences, condominiums and businesses is an area that is still little known. This alliance will first of all give a very good visibility to the solutions proposed by the members of the PREVDEQ, and this, with entrepreneurs, members of the APCHQ – region of metropolitan Montreal, called to make use of them ”, explains the president. from PREVDEQ, Gilles Fréchette.

“It goes without saying that this initiative will also allow us to achieve a second objective, namely the possibility of creating business opportunities between the members of the two associations”, mentions Linda Marchand, Executive Director of the APCHQ, Metropolitan Montreal region.

Thirdly, the new alliance will also facilitate the establishment of a training program specialized in the prevention of water damage, for companies wishing to explore this market, so as to eventually establish a accreditation standard.

“This is excellent news for all PREVDEQ members,” concludes Gilles Fréchette. We look forward to working closely with the management of APCHQ-Metropolitan Montreal and its members. “

– 30 –

Information: Gilles Fréchette, president, PREVDEQ, 514 375-4004


More and more water damage !!

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Article taken from the Protégez-vous website


Article from a partner
by Protect Yourself

By Insurance Bureau of Canada Partner of Protégez-Vous
Uploaded: June 28, 2019

Many factors are contributing to the increase in the number of claims related to water damage in residences.

The intensity of torrential rains and their frequency, poor infrastructure, broken plumbing fixtures, all of these factors are contributing to the number of claims related to water damage in residences.

In fact, for more than ten years, water damage has become the number one cause of home insurance claims: water infiltration through the roof or windows, sewer backup, spring flooding, water overflow. the tub, water heater leak. In 2017, 40% of claims paid in home insurance related to water damage.

We bear the brunt of nature when she breaks loose. However, there are ways to protect yourself and make Mother Nature’s whims have less of an impact on our homes.

Some data illustrating the extent of water damage in Quebec

  • Failed municipal infrastructure is responsible for 60% of water damage.
  • 40% of water damage is due to a breakage inside the residence.
  • For every dollar paid in compensation, 40 cents goes to pay water damage claims.
  • In home insurance, more than $ 715 million is paid out each year to cover water damage in Quebec alone.

Risks covered

Certain risks related to water damage are covered by the basic home insurance contract. As a general rule, this is the case for damage that comes from the interior, such as overflowing or broken sanitary facilities (washer, toilet, bathtub, dishwasher, etc.)

As for other types of damage, they are ensured by additional protections in the contract. This is the case for damage from outside, such as seepage, sewer backups and flooding.

Learn more about the risks covered.

Tips can help you protect yourself and minimize water damage

  • Make sure your roof is in good condition by having it checked
  • Check the state of your windows regularly
  • Make sure that the slope of your land is not directed towards the house
  • Have a non-return valve installed in the basement
  • Make sure the downspouts are away from the foundation of your house and ensure that water does not flow into the neighbors’ house. They must move away from your house towards the street, your backyard or the alley

For other prevention tips, visit the site < / p>

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Prevent water damage rather than cure it

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Prevent water damage rather than cure it

Montreal, January 29, 2019 – In recent years, many homeowners have seen their home insurance premiums and deductibles increase significantly; others simply cannot obtain insurance against water damage. This is explained by the fact that water damage represents the largest portion of claims compensated by damage insurers.

Currently, the customers most affected are those of condominiums: according to the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC), more than 80% of claims compensated by insurers in this sector correspond to water damage. Several insurers have left the niche, which has become unprofitable. Those who remain have had to increase premiums and deductibles to account for the increased risk of water damage in condo buildings.


The arrival on the market of companies specializing in the manufacture, design and installation of water damage prevention systems now offers proven ways to prevent what is now a real plague.

In order to bring together the various stakeholders in the field, the Quebec Water Damage Prevention Association ( PREVDEQ ) has was founded and is its spokesperson. The PREVDEQ’s mandate is to make the public aware of reliable solutions for preventing water damage, to act with damage insurers and government authorities to promote this type of prevention and to offer its members tools allowing improve the quality of products and services in the market. Its members must of course comply with all applicable laws and regulations, in addition to adhering to a code of ethics encouraging honest marketing practices, fair representation and healthy competition.

The structure of PREVDEQ includes three categories of members.

  1. Installer members

Companies whose primary mission is to provide water damage prevention services and systems to the public and businesses

  1. Partner members

Companies providing services to members, such as manufacturers and distributors of components used in the design of water damage prevention systems, as well as insurance brokerage firms and other business entities wishing to publicize their services to PREVDEQ members and the public

  1. Insurance partner members

Companies offering damage insurance

Economic and environmental benefits

The installation of water damage prevention systems could have an impact on insurance premiums, since claims paid by the insurance industry would be lower.

But that’s not all. “These installations are also of significant environmental interest,” says PREVDEQ President Gilles Fréchette, “since they reduce the waste of drinking water and the waste that goes hand in hand with any demolition / renovation work. “


Gilles Fréchette

514 999-0242

Insurers on the right track to better prevent water damage: the process takes time

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Insurers on the right track to better prevent water damage: the process takes time

The founding members of the Association for the prevention of water damage (PREVDEQ), namely Mathieu Lachaîne, Gilles Fréchette and Jean-Hugues LaBrèque | Photo: Réjean Meloche

The founders of PREVDEQ say they are convinced that insurers are doing their homework to approve the various water damage protection systems. It is a process that takes time, however.

“It’s a long time, but things are changing,” says Mathieu Lachaîne , president of Ubios , one of the three founding members of PREVDEQ. We have seen it in the last 18 months. They are thirsty for data . They tell us to install systems and that they will make their decisions based on the accumulated data. “

Actuarial science then comes into play, underlines Jean-Hugues Labrèque , president of Inflotrolix . “Insurers all have their innovation labs. They see it as market share that they couldn’t get before. There is therefore a prevention aspect to their subscription. Accumulating data allows them to test the performance of systems. It’s actuarial science. They see the benefits, but they want to see the cost versus the benefits. He tests the products to arrive at the right pricing. “

The establishment of rules for the sector will thus be beneficial, believes Mr. Lachaîne. “Rather than increasing the deductible, they can offer their client to look at what can be done in prevention. The industry will branch off there. It will be beneficial for the customer. Insurers will have no choice. The tools to manage their risks are becoming more and more legislated. “


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PREVDEQ at Insurance Day

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PREVDEQ at Insurance Day

PREVDEQ participated as an exhibitor at Insurance Day, which was held at the Palais des congrès de Montréal on March 13. The main players in the world of non-life insurance were present at this activity, during which many of them showed a keen interest in the mission and objectives of PREVDEQ. Several said they viewed our approach positively, which consists of talking about solutions related to water damage to properties rather than being limited to problems.

The Quebec Water Damage Prevention Association is born

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The Quebec water damage prevention association is born


The founding members of the Association for the prevention of water damage (PREVDEQ), namely Mathieu Lachaîne, Gilles Fréchette and Jean-Hugues LaBrèque | Photo: Réjean Meloche

Three entrepreneurs put their competition aside to set up the Association for the prevention of water damage in Quebec (PREVDEQ). The three founding members of PREVDEQ are Gilles Fréchette , president of Sécurité AquaDétect , Mathieu Lachaîne , president of Ubios , and Jean-Hugues LaBrèque , president of Inflotrolix .

The association was created to bring together the various stakeholders in these fields, but also to be their spokesperson. These entrepreneurs also wish to inform the public of reliable solutions that exist on the market and to act with damage insurers and government authorities when the need arises. The Association also aims to provide its members with tools to improve the quality of services offered to the public.

Intact Assurance, the fourth member

The three founding members have recruited another member to join them. It is the largest insurer in Quebec: Intact Assurance . In an email, Nick Cinotti , Senior Director, Quebec Loss Prevention, Commercial Lines, explained the reason why the insurer agreed to join PREVDEQ.

“We want to allow our policyholders as well as the whole of society to benefit from the association’s know-how in relation to the prevention of risks related to water damage. Being aware of the impact of these on the Quebec economy, we would like to put our vast expertise at the service of initiatives like PREVDEQ “, he commented.

First official release

The first official PREVDEQ outing will be on Tuesday, March 13, at Damage Insurance Day , at the Palais des congrès de Montréal.

The Journal of Insurance will publish a full report on PREVDEQ in one of its next editions. “

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